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My Beginning, End & Ever After


This project was done for my introductory drawing class at school. The premise was to create a 12-panel comic depicting the passing of time. 

In my response to this prompt, I showed the passing of time between two lovers as they aged and how their love has manifested in beautiful ways, such as having children. I also wanted to show in the last scene how their love lasts after death and how their children are appreciating their parents' legacy.


I placed an emphasis on the various settings, lighting, and body language of each panel in order to evoke varying moods. As a result, I chose to leave all the faces blank. The bridge over the river serves as a key meeting point between the two lovers, signifying their unwavering connection. Additionally, the flowers serve as the setting for happy memories, and those experiences last when the lovers bring their own children to the field and bring those very same flowers to the graves. Moreover, the tree serves as another landmark in the lovers' relationship as a form of shelter, protection, and life.

Media: digital drawing

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